About us

It was in 2019 that we decided to launch Popunderwear, our own company. Jessika was looking for comfortable and funky underwear but couldn't find anything that suited her. We realized this industry was lacking and that we could simply create the underwear of our dreams, as simple as that !

Entrepreneur for several years, Jessika has a strong marketing background that she was able to develop with major brands such as Molson, Bacardi, le vin d'Alsace, and many others. For her part, Vahiné completed university studies in business management. It is therefore with our two backgrounds and our long-standing friendship that we wanted to make one of our biggest dreams come true: to have our own business.

Popunderwear started over two years ago and continues to grow at breakneck speed. We can't be more than happy to have started this great project with the constant dedication to include all women, regardless of their age, ethnicity or body so that they feel radiant at all times.

It is therefore with pride that we invite you to shop our sets designed here in Montreal and manufactured overseas.

Popunderwear, created by women for all bodies.